Man with Disabilities Reports Being Raped by Group of Men in Tahoe Park Bathroom

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TAHOE PARK -- Steven Clouse has been struggling through the last three days since he says he was beaten and gang-raped at Tahoe Park.

It's a claim now under investigation by the Sacramento Police Department.

Typically FOX40 does not identify victims of sexual assault, however, Clouse wanted to tell his story in hopes of finding the men he says raped him.

"Today has been really bad," he said.

Clouse, who has autism, cerebral palsy, Lujan-Fryns syndrome and ADHD, was at the park filling in his coloring book when he says the attack began with indecent exposure.

"All of a sudden these four guys came up to me whipping their things -- opening their zippers and I was like...what the heck? And they said (disabled people) shouldn't be coloring in their coloring books...this and that. And I said to myself 'ignore them, they're gonna go away.' They never did. Went to the bathroom and I got sick."

While in the park bathroom, the 29-year-old says an older man armed with a knife whom he hadn't seen before came in and started beating him, giving him a concussion.

He then describes he original group of four joining in the violent assault.

"I had to do what they wanted, so they just raped me the whole time," said Clouse.

"You did something horrible, and just know that you did something horrible. We're gonna find you. The cops are going to find you," said Matthew Tillotson, Clouse's caregiver and husband.

Friends have brought by some of Clouse's favorite animals, horses, to try and bring back the smile they say he lost Friday.

Clouse has a message for those he says attacked him.

"Think before hurting someone 'cause you don't know what you're doing to that person's life."

This is the second time Clouse says he's suffered through a rape. He tells FOX40 he was also sexually assaulted when he was just 17.