Lodi Animal Shelter Makes Desperate Plea for Adoptions in Attempt to Avoid Euthanizing Pets

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LODI -- If you could translate the barks of the Lodi Animal Shelter dogs are saying into words, you might hear "help me" or "save me."

When FOX40's cameras stopped by, many were anxious.

They seemed to know there were only about 30 minutes left until some of them would be euthanized.

That stark possibility is what brought Jen and Abby Deg in to look at Junior.

"I follow them on Facebook, and there was this just, you know, urgent need. The shelter's at capacity and our hearts just tugged at that," said Jen Deg.

In the post that she's talking about, shelter managers make a plea to the public, saying if enough adopters didn't come in by 4 p.m. animals would be put to sleep.

"That was really serious. And yes, we were going to euthanize. Unfortunately we had too many animals to house," said Lodi Police Sergeant Jennifer Bender, who's been the city's animal services supervisor for 18 years.

"We had a litter of kittens come in and four adults come in in carriers and in traps," she said.

And all that was as their doors opened this morning, putting them six cats over their total animal limit of 42.

Karma the pit bull is 5-years-old and she's spayed.

She's been at the shelter for three months and was due to be euthanized Thursday night.

But she's had her karma changed thanks to rescues and some nonprofits that stepped up to help.

"Yes, thank you so much, yes," Bender said as she wrapped up a phone call in a small hallway of the shelter, the dogs all trying to get a bark in edgewise.

With that call, NorCal Freedom for Paws offered $450 worth of adoption fee donations to help the shelter animals find their forever homes a little faster.

Lost and Found Pets 209 pledged the same.

That on top of four adoptions and some foster placements meant another night of life for those in the shelter.

"For now it is on hold, um, to  see what tomorrow will bring and hopefully we won't have to euthanize. And hopefully we'll get some more adoptions," said Bender.

"Everybody survives tonight."

Bender is celebrating for now, but also appealing to the community to be responsible and spay and neuter wanted pets so no unwanted ones are born.

If you have space in your heart and your home for one of the Lodi shelter animals, please contact the shelter early Friday.

Euthanasia may be a possibility again Friday if enough adopters don't come forward.

The shelter number is (209) 333-6741.