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Sexually Violent Predator Moves into Yuba County Home

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YUBA COUNTY -- This is the second time in recent months that Liberty Healthcare has tried to place a sexually violent predator in the same Yuba County home.

A Solano County judge rejected the placement of Fraisure Smith because Smith said he didn't want to live in Yuba County, according to Yuba County District Attorney Patrick McGrath.

But now another sexually violent predator has moved in.

"We tried and tried with all the city people. We lost," said neighbor James Aguirre.

Despite the best efforts of the community, Eldridge Chaney Jr. moved into a Marysville home on Thursday.

"Mr. Chaney should have never been moved into this area. Mr. Chaney should have been left in Monterey, that's where his crimes were committed that's where they need to take responsibility," Russ Brown said.

But now he's Yuba County's responsibility.

In February, a Monterey County judge ruled that Chaney could live in the home, despite opposition from the Yuba County District Attorney, sheriff and area residents.

The judge simply said housing in Monterey County wasn't available at the time.

The 70-year-old's first stop was the Yuba County Sheriff's Office where he officially registered as a sex offender. But not just any sex offender, a sexually violent predator who requires around-the-clock monitoring. That prospect enrages many neighbors.

"Of course people are very angry, we're put in the unfortunate position of having to protect the community against Mr. Chaney and protect Mr. Chaney against the community," Brown said.

Some neighbors previously said they were planning a show of force to show Chaney they would not be victims. But others have made some peace with the situation.

"All I can say is, we'll see how it works out. They're going to have people watching him and stuff, there's noting I can do anyway," Aguirre said.