Your Money Goes Further at Grocery Outlet

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Gina and Derek Navarro of Rancho Cordoava Grocery Outlet joined Gary and Lori on the patio to talk about what sets their grocery store apart from the rest.  Each store is individually owned and can give back to their community in their own unique way.  Gina and Derek are big advocates of helping people with special needs.  They are involved in organizations that come to their store and teach those with special needs different job skills.  It's their way of giving back to the community and focusing on what they're really passionate about.  Studio40 Live is proud to have Grocery Outlet to be apart of our own American Hero Wedding!  They will be giving one lucky couple a year's worth of free groceries!  The great thing about Grocery Outlet is that your money goes a long way and you never know what great products you'll find.

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