Four Young Men from Folsom Near London Bridge When Terrorists Attacked

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FOLSOM -- Four young men from Folsom were near the London Bridge Saturday night when terrorists attacked, killing seven and injuring 48 more. Their rush from danger was captured in news footage of the aftermath.

Now out of the senseless horror of that night, part of the footage is emerging as a symbol of resilience. Amid people fleeing the attack, video shows a man walking along seemingly unbothered, with a beer in hand.

As that image goes viral, that man and his unspilled drink have pulled focus. It took a worried parent’s discerning eye to zero in on the second row of men.

Dena Stephen recognized her son Jordan Stephen his friends Starry Faircourt, River Allen and Spencer Gilbert. The four young men from Folsom were about four days into a three-week backpacking trip through Europe when a terrorist attack prompted the evacuation of their London hostel, their run for safety captured on video.

Fortunately for Dena Stephen's peace of mind, she had gotten a text message telling her Jordan was safe before she even heard there had been a terrorist attack. As terrible as they young men's ordeal was, she knows her son and his friends were lucky.

"I know they were scared, but they were fine. I just feel sorry for the families that have been affected by this, it’s awful," said Dena Stephen.

The young men continued walking away from ground zero for about eight miles. Unable to return to their hostel right away, Dena Stephen said they spent the night in a hotel. The four plan to keep their trip going. A little scary for Dena Stephen, but she feels it’s the right choice.

"I want to tell them to come home, but I’m not going to do that. I want them to be able to live their lives and not live their lives in fear," she said.