60 Percent of Millennials in Elk Grove Own Homes

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ELK GROVE -- The growth of Elk Grove has always been fueled by being family friendly.

"I love living in Elk Grove," 31-year-old resident Leticia Rodriguez said.

But a marketwatch.com rating as the number one city in the country for the percentage of millennials owning homes is eye-opening.

It says 60 percent of people 35 years old and younger own their own homes here. Twice the national average. In another survey, Roseville is not far behind.

"My wife and I actually just purchased our first home last October," Garrett Scott said.

Scott not only fits the millennial age profile, he specializes in selling Elk Grove Homes for Keller Williams Reality.

He says Elk Grove's highly rated schools, family activities, inventory of homes and its proximity to the Bay Area's outpriced population of homeowner wannabes makes it a target for young families.

"A two bedroom studio down in San Francisco can almost get you a 4,000-square foot, five bedroom home up here in Elk Grove," Scott said.

In a hot housing market, entry-level home prices are rising fast -- pushing some to buy before prices get higher.

"It's attractive because you're still looking at the mid to high 3's for an entry-level home," Scott said.

Rodriguez is in the so-called "me generation" that is making a change in lifestyle.

"Most people around my age are having families, and their kids are a little bit older and want to have an established home to raise their kids," Rodriguez said.

And for millennials who aren't quite ready to be their parents, the young at heart are still close to a younger lifestyle in Sacramento.

"Having that attraction to be able to go downtown, whether to a restaurant, a Kings game at Golden 1, it's a very short drive," Scott said.

For many, staying close to home is just fine.

"There's plenty to do for families, even if you're a single young person, there's so much to do," Rodriguez said.

Of course, the housing market is always in flux. Just how many more millennials will be able to move into Elk Grove, and to Roseville for that matter, may depend on how fast home prices rise.