Singer David Archuleta Performing in Sacramento

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Recording artist David Archuleta is back in Sacramento to perform songs off of his new EP, "Orion," at the Crest Theatre. June 7, David Archuleta will also perform a variety of fan-favorite songs.

Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Since launching his career in 2008, when he became the runner-up of American Idol with 44 million votes, Archuleta has found success both at home and abroad. "Crush," his debut single, sold more than 1.92 digital copies, paving the way for a string of albums that have touched on modern pop, Christian music, and holiday favorites. Archuleta has been a familiar face on TV, too — not only on American Idol, whose cast he joined at 16 years old but also on shows like iCarly and Hannah Montana. Finally, he made the New York Times' bestsellers' list with his 2010 autobiography, 'Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance."

David can also be seen in the second video of our cooking segment.