Family of Man Shot, Killed by Sacramento Police Files Second Federal Lawsuit

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SACRAMENTO -- The second federal suit filed in the 2016 shooting death of Joseph Mann is different from the first in that it involves his siblings, not his father, and seeks no monetary damages.

The five brothers and sisters whose mentally ill loved one died at the hands of Sacramento police say they don't want anyone else to be treated the way he was -- ever again.

Expletives hurled at Mann by police and attempts at ramming him with a cruiser are part of the foundation for the civil rights violation claim alleged by Mann's family members.

Mann was shot to death while having a mental health crisis in Del Paso Heights last July.

Incorrectly reported as being armed with a gun, Mann did have a small knife with him and was moving away from officers when he was shot 14 times.

He had thrown a metal cup at police.

This new suit claims the officers involved did not do what they should have to handle a call with a mentally ill man and calls the city's department "a cesspool of police misconduct."

"Well this isn't an isolated incident. In Sacramento if you just follow the news you know it happens all too frequently. That's the cesspool. Plus, when you have officers who act like this and no other officers step in and say no. And then they are cleared by their own department and told they are just fine...what does that do for the other officers on the force? It sets an example," said Mark Merin, the attorney for Mann's siblings.

While Joseph Mann's father received a settlement from the city when he sued over excessive force, again, this case isn't about money.

It's seeking the firing of the officers, prosecution by the U.S. Attorney and information -- police records in this matter that the family says they've been unable to obtain.

Attorneys say they will not accept those records under any kind of protective order.

They want everything to be public.

The City of Sacramento and the Sacramento Police Department declined to make direct comment about Thursday's new lawsuit, only saying Mann's death had a profound impact on the community, the department and the officers involved.