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Grass Valley Woman Stuck in Hawaii After Spinal Injury Leaves Her Paralyzed

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GRASS VALLEY -- A Grass Valley woman who was paralyzed in an accident in Hawaii on Memorial Day is desperately trying to get her back home to have the most important surgery of her life.

Sarah Grow, 28, is hoping to catch a flight back to Sacramento Friday while her fiance struggles with raising the money for that life-changing flight.

The cost is $50,000 for an air ambulance just to get her here so she can have that surgery.

Nearly 2,500 miles apart, J.J. Wolfgurber is doing all he can to bring the love of his life back home.

"Basically what we have to do is get her transferred. But she needs a receiving hospital and doctor to take her. So, before the air-ambulance can even go there, they need to know there is a doctor and a facility to take her to," Wolfsgurber said.

Grow has been confined to a hospital bed in Hawaii, paralyzed from the waist down after a fall from her balcony on Memorial Day.

"You know, she had a couple of drinks in her and she fell off the balcony when we weren't looking," Wolfsgurber said.

"It just makes you feel about a lot of stuff, and responsibility. People drink on vacation and it's what you do to have fun, but at the same time, everyone forgets that you still need to be responsible and you can't take it back. Once something happens you can't go back in time," Grow said over the phone.

Now, all Grow wants is to go back home. She can't sit up to fly commercial, and the couple's insurance won't pay the $50,000 for an air ambulance. So J.J. has worked out a deal that gives them a month to pay for a flight would allow Grow to have the surgery that could change both of their lives.

"They have to go in through the front. They have to put a cage in her L-1, and they have to pull the rest of the bone-fragments out. In doing so we hope she regains feeling," Wolfsgurber said.

But that's only if she finds a receiving hospital. The couple's best hope right now is UC Davis Medical Center. But there is no guarantee at this point.

"Just praying that there is going to be a bed that is available. If not, I don't know what we're going to do. She needs the surgery, it's a medical emergency to me but obviously not to them," Wolfsgurber said.

For this couple's life that changed in an instant, now they are left praying for that window of opportunity.

"Yes, I will be there no matter what. If I have to crawl out of this hospital on my hands, I will be home," Grow said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for medical expenses.