Sacramento Regional Transit Uses Grant Money for Security Upgrades

SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento Regional Transit is beefing up security with a $2.5 million grant.

RT used that money to install 2,000 surveillance cameras, and improve PA systems at its stations.

"We can use the PA system to talk to riders throughout our system, whether it's a system outage, where we need to tell them that we have an outage, and we have a bus bridge in place, trains are delayed, or for security reasons," RT Safety and Security VP Norm Leong said.

In the last year, RT also added 27 transit agents. With the new agents, RT says fare evasion dropped from 15 percent to 5 percent. Thirty more agents will be hired by the end of the summer.

RT said this saves them $200,000 in costs annually.

The grant money RT used was specifically earmarked for security and safety.