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Gene Simmons Files to Trademark ‘Devil Horns’ Hand Gesture

Rock legend and KISS bassist Gene Simmons has filed to trademark the iconic rock & roll “devil horns” hand gesture.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Simmons filed the application on Friday. Simmons claimed to have first used the gesture during his band’s 1974 “Hotter Than Hell” tour.

The actual origins of the gesture are fuzzy, and the gesture carries different meanings across different cultures. In some Mediterranean cultures, the horns signal to a man that his spouse is committing adultery.

Metal singer Ronnie James Dio is credited as being one of the musicians who popularized the horns, saying his Italian grandmother used it to “ward off the evil eye.”

John Lennon is seen making the gesture on the cover of The Beatles’ 1966 “Elanor Rigby” single.

You can find Simmons’ application here.

The “horns” are also often associated with the superhero Spider-Man, who extends his thumb, index and pinkie fingers to activate his web shooters.

The American Sign Language sign for “I love you” is also the same gesture.

Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about Simmons’ application.