Volunteers Build Tiny Houses for Homeless Veterans

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LINCOLN -- Things are getting loud and busy in a big warehouse in Lincoln.

These volunteers are building from scratch, not one, but two, tiny homes.

The timeline to finish it -- nine days.

"That's aggressive... it is aggressive."

Aggressive but doable, especially knowing that the homes will be going to two homeless veterans who've fallen on some hard times.

"They might have not given their life, but honestly, they've given their emotion. They've given everything. Their families have too. So it's the least we can do to honor them," said Scott Bryditzki with Destiny Community Center

The project is part of the Destiny Community center's "Love Our City" initiative.

Volunteers from the Rocklin church join forces with local companies, like Home Depot, to help those in need.

"It's right in our wheelhouse. It's exactly what we want to do. And it's cool because a lot of our associates get to use the skills that they learn in the stores out here," said Adam Lauder with Home Depot.

This year, they're surprising two Vietnam veterans with custom tiny houses at their annual Celebrate America event.

Once these tiny homes are built and given to the veterans, they will be moved to Compassion Village, a tiny home community in Del Paso Heights, where they will have all the amenities they need to restart their life.

"They will be going through rehabilitation, whatever that looks like. Drug rehab, finding jobs, they will be learning how to do that. They will be getting a lot of wrap-around services at the same time they will be living in this home. So they can transition out to permanent housing and just live a full life," Bryditzki said.

The big reveal and giveaway will be at the annual Celebrate America event on June 24 and 25. The a free event is at Twin Oaks Park in Rocklin, where people can enjoy fireworks, food trucks, and a kid zone.