4 Suspects Arrested in Shooting, Fiery Crash that Killed Sacramento Man

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SACRAMENTO — Four suspects were arrested for their involvement in the death of a Sacramento man who was shot then had to be pulled from the wreckage of his burning car.

Officers first took the suspects in as witnesses when they noticed their car speeding away from the scene of the fiery crash. The passengers of the car, 30-year-old Johanna Vieyra, 27-year-old Michael Montoya, 26-year-old Julian Ortiz and 22-year-old Xavier Montoya, have now been arrested on weapons and homicide-related charges.

The Sacramento Police Department reports Mickey Betti died at the hospital from his injuries. Police still have not reported if he died from his gunshot wounds or injuries sustained during the crash.

Betti’s mother initially told FOX40 about his wounds when information was still unknown about the Fruitridge Road and 24th Street incident. Neighbors reported hearing around 12 gunshots prior to the crash.