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Health Matters: Summer Safety Tips

Mae is hanging out in the backyard with Dr. Rajiv Misquitta with Kaiser Permanente to learn about ways to stay safe and healthy in the heated summer months.

Sunburn: Use the broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and reapply every two hours.

Dehydration: Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks. Stay well-hydrated when exercising, especially outside.

Burns: Use caution when dealing with flammable liquids, open flames, campfires. and barbecues. Never bring charcoal grills inside which could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Check gas grill hoses for leaks or holes.

Outdoor injuries: Wear appropriate attire and safety gear during activities like bike riding and hiking; Wear life jackets when boating; Water recreation should be supervised by an adult who knows CPR.

Food poisoning: Don't eat food left out of refrigeration for more than one hour when the temperature is above 90°F.