Lawmakers Considering Overhaul of Sex Offender Registry

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SACRAMENTO -- Some convicted sex offenders in California could get off the registry under a bill going through the legislature now.

SB421 would create a new three-tier registry for offenders, giving them different amounts of times they need to be registered depending on the severity of their crime.

Under the lowest tier, misdemeanor or non violent sex offenders would register for ten years. Tier two is 20 years for serious or non violent sex offenses.

Tier three offenders will have to register for life for being high risk, sexually violent or repeat violent offenders.

Supporters of the bill say the current system is outdated and inefficient and the new system will increase public safety by allowing law enforcement to focus on the most dangerous offenders.

Some parents tell FOX40 they see it as a sign of progress, others find it concerning.

California is one of four US states requiring sex offenders register for life.

So far, SB421 has passed the Senate.

The next step is a hearing with the Assembly Public Safety Committee.