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San Joaquin County Fair Prepares for Triple Digit Heat

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STOCKTON -- The San Joaquin County Fair has been keeping guests out of the sun as triple digit temperatures hit Stockton.

Since last year was not as hot, the fair has been making sure that the 50,000 to 75,000 expected visitors stay comfortable and safe through its five days of operation.

Tents have been added around the fairgrounds and buildings will be kept cool through the rising temperatures. Added shade structures now cover both stages so people can enjoy music in the hottest part of the day without feeling like they're being baked.

Paramedics have been roaming around the fair in case someone gets sick from the heat.

On Thursday one woman who complained of dizziness happened to be dehydrated and was able to get help from paramedics. The following day another woman was seen by paramedics because of heat related issues.

The fairground has also been taking important steps to keep its animals cool.

Since pigs do not sweat, they are at a higher risk of being hurt by the heat. In past years pigs have died as a result of rising temperatures. Now fans and misters will keep the temperatures down in their barn.