CHP Officer Assaulted in American Canyon on I-80, Good Samaritans Intervene

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AMERICAN CANYON — A San Jose man has been arrested after assaulting a CHP officer on the side of Interstate 80 in American Canyon.

The CHP had gotten several calls about someone driving erratically along westbound I-80 in a white Ford F-250.

The driver reportedly caused multiple traffic collisions.

Around 8:45 a.m. Saturday a CHP officer caught up to the suspect’s truck as it became disabled on the side of #1 lane of traffic.

When the officer approached the vehicle the suspect, 49-year-old Gary Coslovich, exited the truck and punched the officer.

The officer fell backwards into the roadway and Coslovich repeatedly kicked her while she was on the ground.

Authorities say several good Samaritans pulled over to stop the suspect’s assault.

At that moment another CHP officer arrived and helped subdue Coslovich and arrested him for assault on a police officer. Additional charges may be added after an investigation.

The officer who was assaulted suffered from cuts, bruises and numbness.