Locals Find Ways to Cool Off During the Excessive Heat Warning

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SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- The Wackford Aquatic Complex in Elk Grove is always a popular place on the weekends. However, this week it's about as busy as it possibly can be.

"We reached our capacity of 900 people within an hour of opening today and many more people are outside waiting to get in," assistant aquatic manager Molly Kelly said.

People waiting in line at the Wackford Aquatic Complex.

Of course having fun while beating the heat is just a plus; staying safe is the main goal.

The Hart Senior Center in midtown Sacramento is open from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and for the coming days during this heatwave.

When FOX40 stopped by there were about seven people, some napping others sitting around the table talking just happy to not be outside.

In South Sacramento at the Wind Youth Services Facility youth from ages 12 to 24 came in to cool off.

Employees at the facility say they're normally busy during the winter when it gets cold but on this weekend they are open and have extra water and Gatorade provided by the Taylor Street Missionary Baptist Church.

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