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Neighbor Who Called 911 About Car with Body in Trunk Speaks Out

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ROSEVILLE -- Neighbors here say outside drivers often use their neighborhood to park their cars. So when they spotted one they didn't recognize, they never imagined there would be something gruesome inside the trunk.

"We watch the neighborhood. we know the neighbors' cars ... I figured over the Father's Day there might be somebody visiting in that car, and so I didn't want to call on somebody visiting," said a longtime Roseville owner who didn't want her face to be shown.

She spent the weekend hoping for an innocent explanation to the car she spotted on her street as early as last Tuesday.

But that wasn't to be.

"There's flies on the inside and flies on the outside," she said.

That disturbing development, along with a terrible odor prompted her to call 911 Monday morning. Police eventually found a body inside the car. They asked FOX40 to blur the image of the vehicle as they investigate the situation as a homicide.

Roseville officers have not revealed anything about the condition of the remains or identified them, not even releasing if they belong to a man or a woman.

"It could be somebody's daughter or wife ... it just really bothered me," the neighbor said.

Others in the area are also deeply affected by the discovery.

"I'm devastated because I've been in this neighborhood for over 50 years. Nothing like this has ever happened, so it's, it's sad. It's sad," neighbor Jean Hamilton said.

The silver car, now the source of that sadness, is registered to a woman with an address four miles away from where it was found.

Someone was home when FOX40 visited that address, but no one would come to the door.

During a subsequent phone call to a relative of the car's registered owner, we were told the family didn't want to be contacted because they were dealing with a tragedy at this time.