Truckee Officer Rescues Fawn Stuck in Drainage Ditch

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Star was rescued by Sgt. Fisher of CHP Truckee. (Credit: CHP -Truckee)

TRUCKEE — A Truckee officer rescued a cold and wet fawn Monday after he noticed that she was stuck in a drainage ditch.

CHP says Sgt. Fisher spotted the fawn on Interstate 80 with one of her legs trapped in the drain.

Scattered thunderstorms have been moving through Truckee and the little deer was  unable to escape the water running into the ditch.

Fisher, who later named the deer Star, was able to free the fawn and take her to Sierra Pet Clinic.

Star was treated for hypothermia as well as a small amount of water that was still in her lungs. The clinic expects she will make a full recovery.