Neighbors in College Greens Area Troubled by Recent Uptick in Crime

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SACRAMENTO -- Neighbors in Sacramento's College Greens area say they are concerned about a recent uptick in crime.

Every homeowner FOX40 spoke with on Wednesday had some kind of story about a recent crime in the area. Car thefts, break ins and assault has been reported in recent months.

At first glance, the established, well-kept College Greens and College Glen neighborhoods near Sac State have the appearance of the all-American dream.

"This has been a great neighborhood for decades," said Norm Krizl, who has lived in the area for 52 years.

But Krizl is not alone with his frustrations over what has gone on in the community as of late.

"Just a few weeks ago, my home was broken in to. Jewelry was stolen and the back window was bashed in," Krizl said.

"A significant increase. Kind of the whole gamut. I think cars are kind of the high-end, but yes, home invasions," said Brad Boyer, who has lived in the neighborhood for 31 years.

Evelyn Mendez, who has lived in the area for five years, says she's had her car stolen twice.

A recent visit to the community crime map online, which is public information obtained from Sacramento Police, in the last 30 days there have been seven car thefts, a residential burglary and an aggravated assault.

"This is not what we should be expecting in the neighborhood. You know, we need to take it back and try to do what we can," Boyer said.

The 7,000 or so residents who live within these communities have turned to Facebook and to help get the word out.

"There just have been a lot of sketchy people coming around this area," Mendez said.

And the neighborhood association for College Glen recently paid $30,000 to have five PODs, or police observation devices, installed at all entrances to the communities.

"You know, I think the neighborhood is on alert and that's a good thing," Krizl said.

"We're trying to come up with creative ideas within the neighborhood, you know since we're not getting the support from city agencies, that maybe we can do something ourselves to better it," Boyer said.

FOX40 spoke directly with Sacramento police Wednesday, they said that they don't feel the crime in the area has increased significantly enough to warrant more patrols. They are aware of what is going on, and say as always, they have a watchful eye on all areas of Sacramento.