Community Steps into Help After Supplies Stolen from North Highlands Tattoo Shop

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NORTH HIGHLANDS -- When Krysta Kirk saw what happened over the weekend to JustCry Ink, the North Highlands tattoo shop she manages, she went on Facebook and started broadcasting.

"My shop got broken into last night. Pretty sure we know who it is. We have the cops coming," she said in the Facebook video. "They broke in next door, they pried the door open, and they came through our wall," Kirk said.

She was understandably furious.

"They took everything down to the last needle," Kirk said.

The break-in and theft happened some time overnight Saturday into Sunday morning. By Monday evening, Kirk was calmer, but still very hurt.

"We're a family shop. So it's not taking just from us. It's from our family. I'm a mom. So it's not easy to recover those things. We saved for a very long time. So it was hurtful and I was angry. And I just wanted everybody to know what was done. I didn't expect to go viral. I didn't expect such an outrage in the community. But it was appreciated," Kirk said.

The video did go viral, shared hundreds of times and viewed tens of thousands of times.

"Absolutely amazing," she said.

And people are responding.

"Our industry is a little cutthroat in some areas. But the amount of love and support that's just shown through has helped us get through this," Kirk said.

Dozens of individuals and businesses coming forward to help, including electricians who put the shop's the wiring back together.  And donors have pitched in with equipment and supplies.

"This is a replacement, yes. He just came in yesterday and brought us four machines," Kirk said.

She and the shop owner believe whoever did this wanted to put them out of business. But they plan to be back open this week.

"The people are so kind and so full of love that it's taken my breath away, and I wanted to say thank you to everyone. Everyone that has helped in so many ways," she said.

Tips about this crime can be called into the Sacramento Sheriff's Department.

The shop wishes to thank the Sheriff's Department/CSI, the family of RelyAid Tattoo Supply, David Khan, Kinetic Ink, V3 Security, Bryan Kilgore, Strickland Drywall, Ellen Phruer, Kara Sponaugle, Mike Wilson, Craig Myers, Junstin and Krystal Brown, Scott and Loretta Navarro, Bugzy, Savage, Sierra Burg, Trent Margolis, Jen and Barbara, Shawna Silva, Bianca, Cynn, Amber Lynn, Katelyn Rae, all the JustCry Ink family, Dino, Bubba Metzer, Hannah Pope, Dana, Kris Hofer, Andrew Zuniga, Lauren Vincent, Tony Taylor, Linnea Saunders, Brittney Herton, Scott Passmore, and everyone who has reached out to help.