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Giraffe Sculpture Stolen in Shingle Springs Recovered in Carmichael

CARMICHAEL -- A life-sized giraffe sculpture stolen from a Shingle Springs woman back in April has been found -- two months later and 20 mile away, in Carmichael.

It's just a metal giraffe, but it holds special significance to Kathy McTernan and her family.

"I was crying and I was mad and I was like, 'how could somebody do that?'" McTernan told FOX40 in April.

Tuesday, FOX40 went to a duplex in Carmichael, following up on a tip from a viewer.

A woman at the home told us the giraffe was in her back yard. She said her daughter's ex-boyfriend tried to hide it at the home and she had been trying to figure out how to get rid of it ever since.

With the permission of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, FOX40 called McTernan and delivered the good news.

Her son-in-law came to pick it up and bring it back -- a happy ending for McTernan, who said she had given up hope of ever seeing it again.