Iconic Monument Could be Coming to Old Sacramento Waterfront

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OLD SACRAMENTO -- Creating an iconic monument that will define the waterfront is a tall order -- literally.  Think the Gateway Arch in St. Louis that commemorates the Louisiana Purchase. Just as high and dominant is Seattle's Space Needle, both destination attractions.

Now Old Sacramento's waterfront is already filled with historical landmarks and monuments that could be highlighted, including  the historic Tower Bridge -- gateway to the state capital.

The question is: would you travel across the country to visit the Tower Bridge?

The completion of the famous Pony Express here in Old Sacramento was quite an achievement, certainly worthy of a monument, but here it's just a statue.

Both the Space Needle and the Gateway Arch are interactive, you can ride to the top of both for spectacular views.

"This monument would be great if it interacted with people," said Richard Rich, waterfront manager with the city of Sacramento.

Former Disney ideas man Rich is spearheading the development of the waterfront for the city. Sprucing up Old Sacramento would pave the way for a bigger iconic attraction.

A nationwide attraction is more than just helping out the economy in Old Sacramento. More than one person has lamented the wasted potential of Sacramento's waterfront.

Would a big monument with a wow factor ruin the Gold Rush ambiance here? It's not like the Old Sacramento skyline is pristine. Visitors here are looking for more, like Naomi Ramirez's family and friends.

"Something's needed to get more people out here," Ramirez said.

Other cities have railroad museums, a high-tech, interactive attraction that incorporates Sacramento's history would be ideal.

"The idea of history as entertainment is a powerful one that we can do a better job with," Rich said.

It's actually not about creating another monument in Old Sacramento, it's about creating something monumental.