Sacramento City Council Announces Picks for Community Police Review Commission

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SACRAMENTO -- The city of Sacramento announced Tuesday night that it has picked 11 people to form a Community Police Review Commission. Mayor Darrell Steinberg picked three of the members, while each Sacramento city council member picked  one of the eight others.

Samuel Kinsey is one of 11 people appointed to the newly formed Sacramento Community Police Review Commission. He's also one of the youngest.

"Especially for a young whippersnapper like me at 21 to come in and help bridge a gap," Kinsey said.

It's humbling for the American River College student to take part in the commission, which will review and monitor police policies and practices and provide recommendations to the mayor and Sacramento City Council.

Kinsey says his generation is well aware of the divide between police and people in this community.

"It's not anybody's fault. It's just a lot of stereotypes that have to be changed," Kinsey said.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg announced the appointments at city council Tuesday night, saying this is one more step toward true community policing.

Kinsey says it will mean the most to the families in this community to have someone else be their voice.

"Hope," he said. "It will give families hope that another process, another way of getting justice is here."

The commission will work with the city's office of public safety and accountability.

Here's a full list of the commission appointees.

  • Wendy Hoyt (Mayor)
  • Sam Kinsey (Mayor)
  • Mariana Sabeniano (Mayor)
  • Basim Elkarra (District 1, Ashby)
  • Johnny Coleman (District 2, Warren)
  • Kiran Savage-Sangwan (District 3, Harris)
  • Mario Guerrero (District 4, Hansen)
  • Eddie Escobar (District 5, Schenirer)
  • Erandi Zamora (District 6, Guerra)
  • Richard Falcon (District 7, Jennings)
  • Renee Carter (District 8, Carr)