Animal Shelter Waives Pet Redemption Fees for Fourth of July

SACRAMENTO -- Loud fireworks can potentially frighten dogs and cats to run away from home this Fourth of July weekend.

Since shelters typically see a spike in lost pets during the holiday, the Bradshaw Animal Shelter is waiving their redemption fee from now through July 12. Owners will be saving more than $150 on pet redemption, depending on the time the animal stays.

To avoid the possibility of strayed pets, read the safety tips below.

Safety Tips:

  • Do not take pets to firework displays because of the fear it creates for them.
  • Keep pets indoors near and on the Fourth of July-- even outdoor pets. Leave a television or radio playing at a normal or a little more than normal volume to comfort them during outdoor festivities.
  • Do not leave pets outside even if you have fences, ropes, or chained tethers. This could potentially cause injuries or deaths when the pets try to move.
  • Make sure pets wear their licenses or are microchipped. This could speed up the finding process of the pet.
  • If you plan to be out of town during the weekend, send your pet to a knowledgeable sitter such as in a vets office, boarding kennel, or with a pet sitter.

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Ashley Caldwell contributed to this report.