Cleanup in Yuba County Parks Continues after Messy Winter Flooding

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MARYSVILLE -- The flooding of this past winter seems like a distant memory as the summer heat takes hold, but public parks along the region's rivers are slow to recover from this year's high water.

Places like Riverfront Park in Marysville are still a work in progress, days before the Fourth of July holiday. A swollen Feather River left the soccer fields, restrooms, motorcross track and amphitheater all under water.

Workers have been at the park the last 45 days, thanks to a "one stop job" development grant. The water sped up the growth of weeds in the park, and dead trees and branches have to be cleared away from picnic areas. Huge logs swept downstream now litter the park, and silt and mud still cover some parking lots.

The Marysville Stampede, the signature rodeo event for the city scheduled for Memorial Day weekend had to be canceled. The Cotton Rosser Arena Pavillion, where many events were scheduled, has only been cleaned up in the last few days.

“We’ve just walked around here and estimated that there’s probably 2-3 inches of silt on top of the grass, what used to be grass here," Stampede organizer Reno Rosser said. The Stampede was rescheduled to September.

But things are looking up.

Many of the soccer fields have been cleaned and mowed, and the motorcross track will be open this weekend.

"I honestly didn’t believe they would have it cleared out in time for the new season, but it’s looking really good right now," visitor Victor Guzman said.