Dog Goes Missing After Break-In at Manteca Home

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MANTECA -- If you want to know what level of dog lover you're speaking with, just ask where they let them sleep.

"See how she sleeps?” Christina Ferreira said.

Both Twiggy and Zoe sleep in Christina's bed, but Zoe, takes the cake on cuddling -- sleeping on Ferreira's head.

"I just reach up, and I pet her before I go to bed, and I went to go do that last night, and..."

Zoe wasn't there.

When Ferreira came home from work on Wednesday, her front door was wide open -- the first sign that someone had broken into her Manteca home.

"Why didn’t they take that? Maybe they ran out of time," she said.

She noticed the time they had to steal her belongings was spend selecting very specific items. Among them, a row of her favorite vintage necklaces, three televisions, Alice Cooper concert posters, and her late mother's wedding ring.

"That’s where I get my love of animals from, is from her," she said.

The woman who taught her to wear her heart on her sleeve.

“She gives me part of the strength that’s getting me through the right now,” Ferreira said.

Christina doesn't know if the burglars stole Zoe, as well.

“I don’t know what they would want with her, she’s 8 years old, she’s not like a puppy, she can’t be bred,” she said.

Or if she got spooked when they broke in and ran out the open door.

But either way, she needs help getting her back.

“We’re just not the same without her. We’re not the same," she said.

Zoe is an 8-year-old poodle mix with short, silky gray hair that fades to brown. She weighs 10 to 12 pounds, has brown eyes, a curly tail, a bump on her back and a loose bottom tooth.

She was not wearing her collar with a name tag when she went missing.

Anyone with information about Zoe is asked to take her to a local shelter or contact FOX40 News to help get her back.