Too Much Water in Mokelumne River for Safe Boating, Park Rangers Say

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LODI -- This was a big week for Stillman Magee Park along the Mokelumne River in Lodi.

Monday, the park opened for the first time this year -- and closed right back down on Wednesday.

"(We were open for) two days because they had to increase the flows," park host Dave Pigorsh said.

This time of year, Pigorsh says the flows from the Camanche Reservoir are usually 300 cubic feet per second. Right now, flows are at 2,530 cfs.

"So if you do the math, that's eight or nine times faster," he told FOX40.

A little farther upstream at the Mokelumne River day use area, the boat launches are closed -- but that hasn't stopped some kayakers and tube riders from getting in anyway. Anglers are also finding the temptation hard to resist.

"The secret, a lot of people don't know, there are a lot of black bass in here," Steven Wages of Lodi said.

The concern isn't flooding, flow is. The water is cold and moving fast. There's just too much water, the county says, for Fourth of July crowds to safely boat.