Dirt Bikers Crash While Riding on Washed-Out Eldorado National Forest Roads

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SOMERSET -- In recent weeks, in separate incidents, two dirt bike riders crashed because they drove off washed-out roads along the Eldorado National Forest roadway system.

In an unprecedented situation, 112 places along the roadway have been closed. Reasons behind the closures vary from landslides, washouts and downed trees.

During one of the crashes, a 42-year-old Placerville man drove his dirt bike off Caldor Road while camping with his family. His injuries were so severe he could not move. He was located and airlifted to a hospital by a CHP helicopter the next morning.

A spokesperson for the national forest says there were warning signs and barriers up on Caldor Road and it could be life threatening to ignore, move, or remove signs or barriers at any road closures.

Rangers are making what repairs they can, but some will cost millions and won't likely be completed for years.