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Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Receiving Complaints Regarding ‘Grandparent Scam’

NEVADA COUNTY — The Nevada County’s Sheriff’s office has received numerous complaints about the so-called “Grandparent Scam.”

The scammers pose as a bail bondsman or public defender and tell the victim that their grandchild has been arrested for a DUI. The callers then ask for bail money to get the loved one out of jail.

Police warn to exercise caution and to stay alert when dealing with the scammers; the scammers often have legitimate information about grandchildren.

When the victims ask to speak with the grandchild, another scammer gets on the phone and pretends to be the loved one, claiming the car accident injured their throat so they sound different.

Police advise to not give out any personal or account information and to call the jail where the grandchild is supposedly being held. They also caution against sending cash for bail via Western Union and paying with prepaid cards from grocery stores. Reputable companies do not ask for bond payment this way.

The Sheriff’s Office urges victims of the scam to report it immediately.

Kyle Dowd filed this report.