Arden-Arcade Apartments Evacuated During Standoff, No One Arrested

ARDEN-ARCADE -- The Fourth of July is supposed to be filled with dramatic sights and sounds, but they're supposed to be from fireworks - not from a full-scale tactical operation in your apartment complex.

"Just, the police came banging on the door telling us to evacuate. I felt kinda safer that we left for awhile, went to the store and came back. But it is pretty scary because just last week there was a shooting. A bullet went through our window in my daughter's room and hit the door," said Rachelle Regazzi, an evacuated neighbor in the Cambridge Apartments.

With that fresh in her mind - along with a history of obscenity-riddled fights coming from the downstairs unit Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies were now focusing so many resources on - Rachelle Regazzi watched her holiday day off become a day on edge.

"One officer came over and said that somebody was barricaded in his house with an AK-47," said David Haegele.

That's what Haegele said he was told as investigators moved him out of a possible danger zone where bullets could fly.

Deputies say that two of the suspected gunman's relatives got out of apartment nine and called 9-1-1 when the 43-year-old started making threats with one of as many as three weapons.

From 2:30 in the afternoon until almost 8 p.m., the threat of possible disaster hung over what was supposed to be a time of of barbecues and big plans being made about where to watch fireworks - but all for no reason.

After bringing in a heat-sensing robot and a battering ram to breach the apartment, deputies discovered the armed man was not inside, probably escaping before they arrived.

Investigators are not releasing the suspect's name.

They say there is no neighborhood search underway for him, but that the case has been turned over to detectives.