Chinese Taipei National Softball Team Visits Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO -- The Chinese Taipei national softball team visited Sacramento Thursday to play an All-American team as they  tour their way to Canada.

"Softball was out of the Olympics, so they had a few years off," All-American Softball Inc. President Kelly Jackson said.

Softball was re-introduced as an Olympic sport for the 2020 games in Tokyo, so teams from around the world are playing more tournaments to qualify.

Right before their local practice games, they held a special kids clinic.

For kids like Emi Yu-Yang, the camp was about more than just softball. It was also about connecting to her roots.

"My grandma on my mom's side is from Taipei, so it's really fun to know the people and see them, kind of," Yu-Yang said.

Both coaches and players say this rare international collaboration is all about learning from each other.

"We're happy to be here with the local kids and softball players. It's very meaningful for us to learn from them, and have them see our skills," Chinese Taipei softball head coach Shien Ming Yang said, translated from Mandarin.

Spectators can see the Chinese Taipei National Softball team in action Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at Shea Stadium on the California State University, Sacramento campus.