Controversial Program Proposed to Curb Gun Violence in Stockton

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STOCKTON -- Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs is looking into programs to help curb the violence in his city.

After a series of deadly shootings in Stockton Tubbs released a statement with his plans and what he hopes to seen in the future.

"I want to assure you that our police chief, detectives and officers are working hard to combat crime in our community. Overall crime continues trend downward, but we must remain vigilant," said Tubbs in a press release.

Tubbs says he is working on creating a program that will put an incentive on keeping the peace in the city.

In Richmond, lawmakers created a program that works with troubled teens and adults and gives them a stipend for staying out of trouble.

This is the type of program Tubbs hopes to bring to Stockton.

Although the programs have been successful in places like Richmond and Detroit, many are skeptical.

Some do not believe these programs are a solution and would instead act as a "temporary band-aid" placed over the problem.

Increased Patrols in Stockton in Light of Rise in Crime

In light of the rise in crime within the last few weeks, the Stockton Police Department has increased foot patrol in the area.

Officers are going door-to-door to inform citizen on how they can stay safe.

The police department is relying on neighbors and eye witnesses to solve the recent homicides.