Neighbors Complain About Fireworks, Lights at Lincoln Baseball Field

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LINCOLN -- The nation's past-time is not only back at newly remodeled McBean Park in Lincoln -- it's a big deal to fans, businesses and most of the community.

"We love it. Potter up," said city spokesperson Jill Thompson.

When the 65 bypass came into play several years ago businesses in Lincoln were concerned but Potter baseball this summer has changed all that.

"People are coming to the games, down to our local restaurants, our local businesses. And it's just been a wonderful opportunity for our businesses as well," Thompson said.

With the park's location being close to residential homes in addition to the lateness of the games along with several fireworks displays - the city has seen a number of complaints.

"We did have one evening where the fireworks did run a little late, but they were done by 11 p.m.," Thompson said.

The city of Lincoln has an agreement with the Potters and an outdated noise ordinance in place. One that doesn't call for a specific time for events to shut down and some residents say the games and fireworks routinely run past 10 p.m. on week nights.

"We forgot about the fireworks that night, so my brother was caught off-guard and he heard a big bang at like 10:45 p.m. or something like that. It's a little different, but we've been dealing because even before the Potters were here you had little league out there," Cesar Baldaras said.

"We may be able to tweek some of those things that are in the agreement. Maybe take some things that worked, and take some things that we can tweek just enough to keep everybody happy," Thompson said.

The potters and the city have agreed to cease all fireworks now by 10:30 p.m. and all activity at McBean Park will shutdown, including the lights, by 11 p.m.