Signs Warn of Bacteria Level in Rancho Seco Lake

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HERALD -- Jose Laurano doesn't get to cool off at the lake at Rancho Seco Recreational Park because of a reportedly high bacteria level in the water.

Signs about the bacteria have been posted since July 1.

Laurano and his family drove nearly an hour from Sacramento to enjoy a day on the lake Thursday.

"When we found out that it was closed, the kids where all sad and everyone was bummed out," Maria Laurano said.

According to SMUD, the owners of the park, the bacteria in the water is total coliform - a problem in this case that was caused by fecal matter from ducks and geese mixed with high temperatures.

"We get a combination of the water values in the lake and high heats, like the heat wave we had recently, you get basically bacterial growth in the lake that makes it unsafe for swimming," SMUD spokesperson Jonathon Tudor said.

Bacteria or not, the Laurano family said they still want to make the most of their day trip.

"I'm not going home. We decided today is going to be the day we are coming out here and we are staying out here," Maria Laurano said.

SMUD doesn't know when swimming will be allowed again, but before reopening, a spokesman told FOX40, officials need the water temperature to go down which will reduce the level of bacteria growth.

The bacteria levels are tested monthly, but right now, it's a daily task.