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Patients Living Without Air Conditioning at Sacramento Health Care Facility

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SACRAMENTO -- A Sacramento health care facility has been without air conditioning for 18 days; in that time the temperature has ranged from 92 to 108 degrees.

On a 100 degree day, a nursing home is a place someone could expect to find some relief from the heat, but at Briarwood Health Care in Sacramento one patient says that's not the case. Former patient Michael Jackson described the temperature there as, "hell, hot as hell."

Jackson told FOX40 he was released from the South Sacramento facility Friday after spending six weeks there being treated for complications from a blood clot. The 29-year-old says for weeks the air conditioner at the facility has been broken, making for an uncomfortable recovery.

"It made the whole process a little more cringeworthy," Jackson said.

Briarwood is a private nursing facility that also contracts with the California Department of Public Health to see MediCal and Medicare patients.

"There’s a lot of older people in this home that can’t speak for themselves," Jackson said.

Jackson took a cellphone video of the conditions at Briarwood before he left as he rolled through the facility in his wheelchair. He says the temperatures inside reached 90 degrees.

Four swamp coolers are what the facility has been using to bring the temperature down. FOX40 attempted to view the facility conditions, however, the staff kicked the news crew out of the building.

Kathy Zacharias, the administrator of the facility, didn't want to be recorded. However, she told FOX40 one of the four air conditioners at Briarwood broke June 21.

Zacharias said the temperatures in the patient rooms are below 81 degrees. She said what is most important is no one got sick or died as a result of the heat.

She also told FOX40 the air conditioner is scheduled to be fixed Tuesday once a part arrives from out of state.

A spokesperson for the California Department of Public Health confirmed they contract with Briarwood. However, the spokesperson was not able to immediately provide details about their inspections of the facility.