Thousands of Kings Fans Show Up at Golden 1 Center to Watch Summer League Game

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SACRAMENTO -- More than 10,000 Kings fans showed up at the Golden 1 Center Monday night to watch a game that was happening more than 500 miles away.

Monday night's summer league game between the Kings and the Lakers was in Las Vegas, and with a strong draft and lots of personnel changes, fans have pretty high hopes for a good season.

The game should have pitted big-name rookies against each other -- De'Aaron Fox of the Kings and Lonzo Ball of the Lakers. However, at the last minute, Ball was removed from the game roster. The Lakers say he was resting a groin injury.

Fox tweeted out a photo about the same time the announcement was made. It was deleted a short time later.




The Kings ended up losing the game, bringing their NBA Summer League record to 0-3, so far.