Golf Tournament Brings Celebrities, Security to South Lake Tahoe

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE -- When you've got sitcom stars, World Series champions and NBA stars, security needs to be tight as a drum but the atmosphere needs to be relaxed.

"We want to make sure everybody is taken care of. There's also a number of security precautions - a lot of security folks out here," American Century Championship spokesperson Phil Weidinger said. "A lot of them you're going to see, a lot of them you're not going to see."

The American Century Championship is special, not only for its star power, but for the opportunity fans have to interact, mingle and joke with those stars.

"Not just to play golf but for fans of them. It's a tradition for us to come out here. It's a family tradition. Five, six years we've been coming out here," Nick Thompson, of Sacramento, told FOX40.

Thompson and his family make it a part of their summers, but this year they were made aware that security was being tightened up - especially when it comes to what fans are being allowed to carry in to the tournament.

"They just check the chairs to make sure we weren't sneaking stuff inside," he said. "Pretty casual."

Organizers says the rules for what fans can bring inside are a key component to the security measure, so expect to have belongings checked before you get on the course.