Stanislaus County Fair Kicks Off Friday

TURLOCK -- Kids squealed in delight as the Stanislaus County Fair prepared to open their gates on Thursday.

"I had lots of fun cheering for the pigs. I love pigs," said visitor Claire MacEagan.

On Thursday, families got to preview the fun.

Sisters Claire and Sarah MacEagan's favorite food so far is a dish best served ice-cold.

"Ice cream is cool and it's..." Claire said.

"It is delish," Sarah said.

And as for FOX40's kid reporter Noah Moore, he's ready to show off his skills. He's the winner of this year's contest to find the best kid reporter in Northern California.

"This is Noah Moore with FOX40 News."

He liked munching on some deep-fried, breaded shrimp.

"Popcorn shrimp ... It's really good," Noah said.

The popular butterfly attraction is also back.

And if you're looking for a high-tech adventure -- you can take go to "flight school" and learn how to fly a drone.

If you want to check out the drones, the rides and the food, the fair officially opens on Friday. Take it from us you want to visit.

You can find more fair info here.