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Turlock Organization Raises Money for Detwiler Fire Victims

TURLOCK -- Be the Change organization in Turlock put together a donation drive to get food and water for Detwiler Fire victims and firefighters.

They were out by Pitman High School in Turlock until 9 p.m. Friday and will be out again Saturday from 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

They're taking donations to the Red Cross in Merced.

The organization is asking for water, non perishable food, energy bars, toiletries and drinks high in electrolytes like Gatorade.

Janet Smith with the organization says her friends mom was evacuated and doesn't know if her house is still there. She feels a personal connection to this fire especially because it's so close to Turlock.

The group may be small but the impact they have on evacuees like Mona Haugen is huge.

"For them to take their time and energy to think about other people it's really a blessing," Haugen said.