Driver Crashes Tractor-Trailer Through Wall in Stockton

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STOCKTON -- The Stockton Police Department is investigating what led a tractor-trailer driver to lose control before running through a wall in Stockton.

Around 2:15 a.m. Tuesday a police sergeant who was patrolling the area was flagged down by a witness of the accident.

Police say it appears  the truck driver was trying to get off I-5 northbound at the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard exit, making a right turn off the ramp when something went wrong.

The driver went through the street, through the center divide, on top of the sidewalk, hit a small Burger King sign, went through bushes and smashed through a wall. The truck came to rest between the McDonald's and Burger King parking lots after hitting a parked car.

The driver, 53-year-old Luis Marrot, was transported to the hospital for his injuries and will be arrested for suspected DUI upon his release.

No one else was injured.