Sacramento Police Continue to Face Backlash after Report of Officer Throwing Pregnant Woman to Ground

SACRAMENTO -- A pregnant woman who says she was thrown to the ground by a Sacramento Police officer is demanding the department to take action.

Zityrua Abraham says she was standing outside her apartment on Lampasas Avenue with her mother and mother's boyfriend on July 9. When her mother's boyfriend walked inside for a drink of water, Abraham said, when seven police officers searching for someone showed up.

Abraham said the officers knocked her down, searched the apartment before saying, "wrong house" and leaving.

Police confirmed officers were searching for someone wanted on a felony charge and a warrant. Officers say a man matching the suspect's description went into the apartment, but it turned out that he wasn't who they thought he was. Police also said Abraham was not cooperative.

The Sacramento Police Department said a lieutenant reviewed the incident and found "nothing substantive."

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter activists in Sacramento are demanding the department release the names of the officers involved, the police report and any dash or body cam video.

They also want the officer who is said to have thrown Abraham to the ground fired and charged with assault.