Meet the Stockton Kid Whose Letter to President Trump was Read at a White House Press Briefing

STOCKTON -- White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders opened Wednesday's White House press briefing by reading a letter from one of President Donald Trump's supporters -- 9-year-old Dylan Harbin.

Dylan, also known as Pickle, dresses like Trump, reads about Trump and even, his mom says, hopes to one day earn like Trump.

"I sent him a letter and asked if he could be my friend and he said yes," Dylan said. "I want him to tell me I can be president."

It was the moment Dylan had been waiting for ever since his third-grade class held a mock election last year.

His mom, Sue Ann, say she supports her son -- even if she has to sometimes filter some Trump-related news to keep things age appropriate. She even found a baker to create a "Make America Great Again" birthday cake.

Now, his mom says she hopes to get Dylan to the White House for a tour.