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War of Words between Black Lives Matter, Sheriff Scott Jones Continues

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SACRAMENTO -- An escalating war of words between Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones and Black Lives Matter Sacramento leader Tanya Faison continued Thursday, with activists calling Jones to task over a recent letter.

"He doesn't get to tell black people who their leaders are," Faison said, after Jones wrote he felt she wasn't a responsible voice for the black community. "While you continue to terrorize black and brown communities with your tactics and withhold information from us, you can be rest assured that we will continue our mission."

Jones said in a phone call with NewsRadio KFBK that he has a good relationship with the community.

"She's trying to make inferences and rally people around lies, which she is prone to do. But the reality is, I've been working with community groups, including the African-American community, most my entire career, but certainly the seven years I've been sheriff," Jones said.

Jones also argued that Faison isn't interested in constructive dialogue, accusing her of posting inflammatory comments on social media, organizing protests outside his home and scaring his family.

"We are fighting for our freedom and we are fighting for answers," Faison said. "And we are creative in our fight, and we will continue to be creative."

Some answers Faison says her organization are seeking are police and sheriff's records into recent deaths at the hands of law enforcement.

One case is Mikel McIntyre, who was shot and killed by deputies after they said he attacked them with rocks. Another is Ryan Ellis, who died in handcuffs after deputies say he crawled out of a moving patrol vehicle and hitting his head one the pavement.

There is also the case of a traffic stop involving a woman named Patricia Hill, whose eye socket was allegedly broken by deputies, according to activists.