Woman Files Lawsuit Alleging Her Disabled Son was Abused by Former School Bus Driver

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ROCKLIN -- A mother has filed a lawsuit against the Rocklin Unified School District and a school bus driver after a security tape revealed the driver had been verbally abusing her son and other students.

In September 2016 Alicia Wagnon says she received a call from her son's teacher saying one of his classroom aides noticed an injury on his leg while helping him use the restroom. Wagnon says her son did not have the physical bruises referenced by the teacher when he left for school that day.

Sullivan From is 19 years old with cerebral palsy. His mother says he has the social skills of a 5-year-old and the academic learning ability of a two-year-old. He also does not talk.

From goes to Del Oro High School and is enrolled in special needs classes.

Wagnon believes the abuse stemmed from a bus driver who had taken her son to and from school.

She reported the district allowed her to review a few hours of security footage from the bus as long as it was viewed at the district office. The tape showed her son and another student, who also does not have any verbal skills, being berated verbally by the driver.

Wagnon and her attorney have filed a lawsuit in federal court based on what they feel is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

"We want the district to release the video, they have not been willing to do so but we want to see the complete video," said Wagnon's attorney, Allison Hyatt.

FOX40 contacted the Rocklin Unified School District for a comment. They confirmed that the bus driver named in the lawsuit, a man named David Hawkins, is no longer an employee of the school. They report that it was unrelated to the ongoing litigation of the disabled student.

A spokesperson with the district said they would not be able to talk on camera because of the ongoing litigation, however, Diana Capra, Chief of the Office of Communications and Community Engagement, issued a statement which read in part: "Immediately upon receiving the complaint in October, district officials acted promptly and investigated the incident and disagree with the allegations being made."