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Passenger Dies After Driver Runs Into Cow in Stockton

STOCKTON — A driver struck a cow along Clements Road Friday, the collision fatally injuring one of the his passengers.

While driving at around 65 mph southbound on Clements Road, a driver in a 2000 Nissan came upon three cows grazing on the side of the roadway.

The 74-year-old driver from Stockton tried to pass the cows but they began crossing the road as he approached them, according to the Stockton CHP.

When the car hit one of the cows, one of the four passengers in the car, a 69-year-old man from Stockton, was injured and died as a result.

The three other passengers and the 74-year-old man were all transported to local hospitals for minor to moderate injuries.

CHP believes alcohol or drugs were not a factor in the crash.