Frightening Surveillance Video Shows Violent Home Invasion Robbery

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SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- Frightening video inside a South Sacramento home shows the moment eight men bust in and pull a gun on the homeowner. It was just one of four robberies or attempted robberies within a few miles of each other Wednesday night between 11:50 p.m. and 2 a.m.

"Forced me inside at gunpoint demanding what key it was, and they were gonna shoot me and blow my brains out," said Michael Fix, remembering the scary moments he experienced Wednesday night.

"As they got inside, they ran into my mother's bedroom and robbed her," he remembered.

The remarkable thing about this home invasion robbery in South Sacramento was not that eight, mostly masked intruders were caught on multiple cameras, victimizing a 70-year-old woman and her son with a heart condition.

"I thought it was over. I thought it was over," Fix said.

The remarkable thing was how the family kept their calm when a young man pointed a gun in their faces, threatening them, repeatedly, that he was going to shoot them.

"When they saw the video cameras, I thought they'd shoot me," he said.

When the intruders spotted those newly purchased cameras recording the crime, they lost their cool.

"Hey, she got a camera right here," one intruder can be heard saying.

On the video, you can hear Fix's mother try to talk them through it.

"Where is this at?" one intruder said.

"He just bought those yesterday," Fix's mother can be heard saying.

"Where's the monitor, (expletive)? I'ma kill you," the intruder said.

"Well, look up, look up there on the mantel," his mother said.

"Where?" the intruder asked.

"On the fireplace mantel," his mother said.

Fix says the intruders actually stole one of the cameras.

The intruders didn't seem to understand that many home surveillance systems record remotely to cloud-based servers.

Though they made it away with $5,000 worth of items and a small amount of cash, they left several minutes worth of pretty clear video of their faces.

"The last video recording of a camera inside the car as they pulled out was they thought it was a pathetic robbery and they were laughing," Fix said.

He wonders if they will still find it funny when they find themselves behind bars.

"I hope somebody turns them in, and I hope they do some jail time," Fix said.

Police Seek Help in Identifying Home Invasion Suspects

· Suspect 1: wearing a camouflage sweater with shorts
· Suspect 2: wearing a hoodie with a large "Jordan" symbol printed on the front, sweatpants with a small patch on the left side pant leg
· Suspect 3: wearing a sweater, sweatpants with double lines going down both sides of the pant legs
· Suspect 4: wearing a hoodie with "Jordan" symbol located on the front and a design below the "Jordan" symbol
· Suspect 5: wearing a multi-color shirt with large numbers “00” printed on the back of the shirt and cross symbols on each shoulder, wearing pants
· Suspect 6: wearing a sweater with printed letters on the left forearm sleeve, symbol on the left chest, and two small symbols on each side of the arms
· Suspect 7: wearing a jacket and pants
· Suspect 8: wearing a sweater and pants

Police say the suspects may have driven off in a white Nissan Altima.

The Sacramento Police Department encourages anyone with information about the series of robberies to contact the dispatch center at (916) 264-5471