Whitney High School Football Coaches Resign

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ROCKLIN — Two Whitney High School football coaches resigned Saturday after coaching staff violated California Interscholastic Federation rules five separate times.

Former head coach Paul Doherty (Courtesy: Whitney Update)

As mentioned in a statement from Rocklin Unified School District, head coach Paul Doherty and assistant coach Marc Rubalcaba have stepped down.

Whitney High School was told Friday it would not be able to participate in the playoffs because of the newest infraction reported last month.

The previous violations were reported to CIF in less than two years, with the fourth reported last fall. As a result, the football program was placed on probation.

Although the statement did not specify the incidents surrounding the violations, it did claim that they did not “involve student safety.”

High school officials will go through the CIF appeals process in an attempt to become eligible for the playoffs once again.