Woman Tied to Sacramento County Deputy Shooting Speaks from Jail

WOODLAND -- Two days after a deadly shootout at the Ramada Inn in Sacramento, the woman whose arrest started it all spoke to FOX40 from the Yolo County Jail in Woodland.

FOX40 was allowed to speak to Priscilla Prendez off camera. Only a notepad was permitted.

"How did I end up like this?" she asked. "Sometimes I want to end my life."

Prendez, who wore a protective green smock, was placed on suicide watch following her arrest Wednesday.

Prendez told FOX40 that she and her boyfriend Thomas Little Cloud -- the man accused of killing Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Bob French -- went to the Ramada Inn to get away from the Bay Area.

It's also where she says she met many of her "repeat clients."

"I started prostituting at 16. I have to do it to survive," she said.

Hours before the tragic shooting, investigators say they saw Prendez and another woman get into a stolen BMW at the motel. When they tried to pull her over, officers say she led them on a high speed chase down to Elk Grove. Prendez was arrested for vehicle theft and evasion.

"I was scared. I hesitated," Prendez said. "So I did high speeds."

Prendez claims she had no idea the car was stolen. The other woman was questioned and released by officers.

She also said she didn't know Little Cloud was armed or that he would shoot at officers when they tried to search their motel room.

But after hearing the charges against Little Cloud, she says she hasn't eaten or slept. She apologized for what happened.

"I'm sorry things had to end up like they did. I love him," she said. "But he is stupid for what he did. I should have been there for him."

Prendez appeared in court later Friday. During the hearing, the judge increased her $90,000 bail to $150,000.